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Product Review: Olive Oil Edge Control

While installing my temporary dread-lock extensions, I had to make an additional trip to the beauty supply store and re-up on Marley hair.  I underestimated the amount of hair needed to complete the style.  Of course, I didn’t leave the store with only what I came for… Who really does that? In addition to the Marley hair, I also picked up some bobby pins and Olive Oil edge control.


The Claim


Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel gives superior hold without flaking. It slicks and holds down edges while adding shine and moisture to the hair. It is great for relaxed and natural hair.

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel:

  • Alcohol free
  • Superior hold and shine
  • Perfect for control of edges of all hair styles


The Damage




The Ugly Truth


I’m loving Olive Oil’s Edge Control.  It has the consistency of hair Jam but is clear .  A small amount is all that’s needed for smoothing edges.  For me, it worked best with a slightly damp hair brush/tooth brush.  Be careful. If you use too much you will have sticky residue on your hairline. Perfect for slicking down frizzy edges and baby hairs.  I’m happy the product does not dry out hair like gel.  This is a great replacement for hair gel.

Have you tried this? Why are your thoughts? Do you have a better alternative method for slicking down your edges?

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My Hair Inspiration: Ledisi

My curiosity about dreadlocks stemmed from my younger years, watching various men and women with locs that reached past their waist while shopping. Or passing an attractive stranger, effortlessly wearing their locs tied in elaborate up-dos on the subway. The only drawback I saw to the style was the undoubted commitment to permanently locking my hair.  I couldn’t see myself going through the process when I could ultimately hate the hair style on me. Yes in theory, locs are beautiful!  However, I never though I’d get to achieve the look myself. Instead I choose to admire Ledisi’s well maintained locs and be amazed by her fearless hair color and jazzy voice.

In May’s edition of Essence magazine, Ledisi speaks about self expression.  And like myself, she chooses to use her hair style as functional art.  Changing her hair color to fit her mood and grab attention.

I finally am able to see myself in locs. For my new protective style, I chose to install loc extensions to imitate Ledisi’s look.  I researched the best methods, best types of hair to use and began my install last week.  Yes it’s been a week and I’m still not completely done.  This style is taking me forever! However, I know it will be worth it in the end.  I plan to keep the style in for 4-6 weeks.

I will maintain by washing every three weeks and using tea tree oil to clean my scalp in between washes. So far, I’ve only worn this style in a bun.  Mainly because the middle of my head is incomplete! Stay tuned… I’ll update you all on my process and do a more detailed post in the future with more pictures.

Below are some quick snapshots from my phone.


Hope you like them so far. I know I do!

Who are some of your favorite dread-heads?


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In Their Own Words

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.”

― Colin Powell

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Music Video: Tori Kelly – Confetti

I’m a fan of Tori Kelly! Her voice is amazing! This song speaks volumes to me. The key to being happy is being grateful for what you have.  You could be given everything your heart desires and still be miserable! Live for right now! Check out the lyrics and the music video below and let me know what you think.

Tori Kelly – Confetti (Lyrics)

I gotta keep myself in check sometimes
Cause’ I tend to dream real big sometimes
The fancy outfits and the sparkly awards
My name in lights, the people lined up at the doors
But I gotta remember to take it one step at a time

People seem to think
That you’ll be happier, once you reach the top
You’ll have it all
But I’m living for right now
Cause what if tomorrow never comes
I’m not waiting, I’m not waiting
For the confetti to fall

I can’t just sit around and wait for my life to start
I can make a difference, put a little happiness in someone’s heart
The fancy cars, the glitter and the fame
It’s all nice, but it won’t be worth a thing
Love is bigger, so I’m a stand up for love, yeah

People seem to think
That you’ll be happier, once you reach the top
You’ll have it all
But I’m living for right now
Cause what if tomorrow never comes
I’m not waiting, I’m not waiting
For the confetti to fall

If there was a rope stretching up to the sky
With all of my dreams at the very top, so high
I get so caught up in everything around me, moving quickly
I forget to cherish every single moment I receive ohh
I forget about the climb, I just wanna get there
Don’t wanna wait in line, even though it’s so clear
That I’m called to use patience on this journey that I’m on
I know that I’ll come out alive and it’ll only make me strong
Oh oh, while everybody’s focused on the hype
Oh oh, oh oh… I’ll be wondering why we seem to think
You’ll be happier, once you reach the top
You’ll have it all
But I’m living for right now
Cause what if tomorrow never comes
I’m not waiting, I’m not waiting, no

People seem to think
That you’ll be happier, once you reach the top
You’ll have it all
But I’m living for right now, hey
Cause what if tomorrow never comes
I’m not waiting, no I’m not waiting
For the confetti to fall

I’m not waiting to be happy
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
Ooh, yeah

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Product Review: Botanic Ionic Clay Mask


The Claim
Botanic Ionic Clay Mask actively removes impurities and deeply cleanses Oceanic minerals help draw out deep-rooted impurities and oil without over drying.

Skin is left clearer, softer and smoother.  Willowbark is a natural source of salicylic acid, which helps refine skin texture and actively target imperfections.

The Damage
This was a complimentary product given to me in the J’adore Vox Box from Influenster.

The retail price is $9.39


The Ugly Truth


The picture isn’t pretty but the product is beautiful!  I used for three weeks.  Once a week, on Sunday and have noticed a difference in my skin.  My pores are smaller and more clear.  No small black or white heads in sight.  It doesn’t over dry my skin.  So far I am loving this product. I recommend you give it a try!!

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Black History Month Challenge: Days 6 – 18

Day 6 – Favorite Black Couple

The POTUS & FLOTUS are my ideal power couple! They prove to be better together than they could ever be apart.  They are running the world and raising a family while remaining humble and relate able! They are gorgeous too!

Day 7 – African American Author

Alice Walker is an author and activist, best known for the critically acclaimed novel The Color Purple, for which she was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. It was turned into a successful Steven Spielberg film co-starring Oprah Winfrey, and later into an excellent Broadway musical. Walker was involved in the Civil Rights movement and participated in the 1963 March on Washington.

Day 8 – Black Male Athlete

This five time championship winner is nicknamed the “Black Mamba”. Entering into the league straight out of high school, Kobe Bean Bryant, is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association.  At 35, he is still one of the best players in the league.

Day 9 – Black Female Athlete

At Age 32, Serena Jameka Williams is an American professional tennis player who is currently ranked No. 1 in women’s singles tennis. She is strong and fierce!

Day 10 – Black Music Group


TLC has been one of my favorite groups since they came out in 90′s.  They came along way and have been through a lot as a group but it has only made them stronger.  I anticipate their 5th album to be released sometime this year.


Day 11 – Favorite Black Sitcom

This one is very hard.  It’s a toss up between The Cosby Show, A Different World & Martin.  There were so many from the 90′s that I loved.  They don’t make shows like them anymore.  Ones with positive black role models and relationships.  Black love is a prominent theme in all three shows.

Day 12 – Influential Actor

Denzel is one fine man and actor! Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. is an American actor, film director, and film producer.He’s been in numerous movies! One of my favorites – Training Day!

Day 13 – Influential Actress

Lupita Amondi Nyong’o is a Kenyan actress, film director, and music video director. She made her American film debut in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave as Patsey, for which she received critical acclaim. She blew into the Hollywood scene and now is the new it girl.  She’s stunning! I can’t get enough of her!

Day 14 – Favorite Black Movie

It’s so hard to choose. A few of my favs include Spike Lee Movie joints like Do The Right Thing, Crooklyn & School Daze. The Wiz and The Color Purple are also movies I can watch a million times!

Day 15 – Successful Black Business Owner

Sean P. Diddy Combs has created an empire.  Since his Bad Boy days of “can’t stop won’t stop”, he literally hasn’t stopped.  It’s one successful venture after another.  Even when things fail he moves on to the next.  So inspiring.

Day 16 – HBCU

One thing I regret is not going to an HBCU.  I figured I group up around a majority of black folk so I needed diversity in my life. I was accepted to about 3 or4 of them but chose a school Pace University in NY.  I would have went to either Spelman, Howard or Morgan State.

Day 17 – Invention by African American

There are several well known black inventors in our history like Madame C.J. Walker, George Washington Carver and Elijah McCoy but we have to recognize the young black minds who are still creating. Adrian Lindsey is the young inventor behind the All-Net Sak, a practical bag for carrying a basketball.  The entrepreneur, who is now seventeen years old, created the sac when he was just twelve years old. Go Adrian!

Day 18 – Favorite Book Written By African America Author

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.  When i read this book I couldn’t believe it was an autobiography.  I was appalled and inspired by all the things Maya Angelou went through an overcame.  A must read in my opinion.



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Spotlight On: Sam Smith

I was introduced to the British singer-songwriter by my beloved co-worker Jason and instantly feel in love!  Seriously his voice gives me goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes.  He’s such a great talent! Check out his cover to ‘Latch’ by Disclosure.

Also Listen to Sam Smith – Make It To Me on @hypem



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Black History Month Challenge: Days 1 – 5

Happy Black History Month! I’ve decided to do a photo/information challenge this month, listing various facts about black history.

February is Black history month! It originated in 1926 from Negro History week by Carter G. Woodson.

Day 1 – Influential Black Male

Meridith Groudine

New Jersey born in 1929, Dr. Meridith Groudine grew up in the streets of Brooklyn and Harlem.  He attended Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and received a Ph.D. in Engineering Science from the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. Gourdine built a multi-million dollar corporation that is based on his ideas in the field of electrogasdynamics (EGD). Using the principles of EGD, Gourdine successfully converted natural gas to electricity for everyday use. Applications of EGD include refrigeration, desalination of sea water, and reducing the pollutants in smoke. He holds more than 40 patents for various inventions. In 1964, served on the President’s Panel on Energy.

We salute him for being a green energy innovator!

Day 2 – African American Photographer


Earnest Withers

Earnest Withers, the legendary African-American photographer who documented the civil rights era with unparalleled success, died only six years ago. He was most famous for documenting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; he photographed Dr. King the day before he was killed, and gained access to his hotel room after he was murdered. He also documented much of the trial for the racially motivated murder of teenager Emmett Till in 1950. Although he gained renown for the historic photographs he took, a recent discovery has Ernest Withers getting press for another issue. It was also said Withers was a paid mole for the FBI.  He was passing intelligence to FBI. Photos used to locate the activities of the Black Panther Party and to uncover possible derivative parties and riots. Come on now Earnest! That was a little shady! Regardless, there was no denying that Ernest Withers contributed a very valuable photographic legacy to both the civil rights era and to the 20th century as a whole.

Day 3 – Influential Black Female

Sojourner Truth

Born in New York, Isabella Baumfree was a slave in New York until being emancipated in 1827.  After, she worked as a household servant for many years.  She dived more into religion after coming under the influence of a religious prophet named Mathias.  She took the name Sojourner truth in 1843, believing it to be the instruction of God. The name means traveling preacher. In the late 1840′s, Sojourner Truth connected with the abolitionist movement, becoming a popular speaker. During the Civil War Sojourner Truth raised food and clothing contributions for black regiments, and met Abraham Lincoln at the White House in 1864. Immediately after the Civil War she tried to organize efforts to provide jobs for black refugees from the war. She spoke passionately on religion, “Negro” and women’s rights, and on temperance.

Day 4 – A Sad Day in Black History

Don Cornelius Dies

There are tons of sad moments in black history.  One that especially stands out to me is the death of Soul Train” founder and music television innovator, Don Cornelius.  Not only did he commit suicide but on the first day of black history month two years ago.  Mr. Cornelius started “Soul Train” in 1971 in response to African American singers/artists not being featured in the popular musical show “American Bandstand.”  Once he incorporated dancers into his weekly music show, “Soul Train” became one of the most successful shows on air to date. I am still entertainment by old episodes of Soul Train! It’s great to see how music has changed over the years. RIP Don Cornelius!

Day 5 – A Monumental Day In Black History

Barack Obama Elected President

On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama won the election, making him the President – elect and the first African American elected President of the United States.

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Songs I Love: Old & New

Kid Ink feat. Tyga – Iz U Down


Ayyyy I’m loving the beat! Got me like…


I’m definitely going to check out his latest album “My Own Lane”


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My New Obsession: NCLA Nail Wraps

As seen on celebrities like Beyonce & Katy Perry, NCLA’s collection is for the diva in you.  I recently purchased 3 nail wraps for 15% off the original price.  Each nail wrap set comes with either 22 or 44 strips which equal out to 2-3 or 3-4 applications.  The damage is only $16-$18.  I love this as an alternative to getting a manicure becuase there is no drying time and in less than 10 minutes you have beautiful nails. 

This is right up my alley in the cost department. I’m working hard to cut spending on non necessities this year! Each fashionable manicure comes out to $4-$6 each.  Which is way less expensive than going to the nail salon and paying for intricate designs to be handpainted only for it to chip in a week!  Gel manicures are pretty popular because they can last up to 1.5 weeks without chipping.  However the damage runs from $30 – $45 depending where you go. Too rich for my new beauty budget.

Nail Decals

You can’t beat this instant nail fashion. I’ve also learned to stretch out my nail wraps. At times, I place designs on a few fingers and then paint the rest with a matching nail polish. Using them sparingly doubles the number of applications. To apply, paint nails with base coat and let dry. Size the strips to your fingers, peel, stick onto nail and file off excess. Finish off with a glossy top coat and you’re done! Super easy and quick.

There are so many designs to choose from. Below are a few I love.





Which do you like?



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